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M&G Mobile Detailing is a fully licensed and insured vehicle detailer proudly serving South Jersey. We make it possible to fit vehicle pampering into your busy schedule with our 2 fully equipped mobile detailing units complete with water and electricity as well as a state of the art, 3600 sq ft detailing facility.  We offer the highest quality auto detailing services in the area. 


We use industry-leading products from Shine Supply, Gtechniq, Gyeon. Meguiars and Glassparency. Every service we perform is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our services cover cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and utility vehicles. M&G accepts cash, credit cards, Venmo, and Paypal. 


As a family-owned business, we treat you and your vehicle like part of our extended family. Contact us today! 

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M&G Service Promise

Your happiness is our top priority. We will align our services with your expectations through honest conversations about your budget and the results you have in mind.

We offer a selection of curated packages to fit every budget and we don't negotiate prices just like we don't negotiate on the quality of our work or your satisfaction. If we’re doing right by you and your vehicle, it takes time and patience. The level of detailing we perform is true craftsmanship and our passion is evident in our results. You can trust us to never rush or compromise.


Which level do I need?


Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re choosing the right level for your expectations:

  • Level 1 is a deep clean for vehicles that haven’t been regularly detailed or have a heavily soiled interior. Your exterior will appear glossier and feel smooth as glass, and your interior deeply cleaned and conditioned. Choose Level 1 to prep vehicles for harsh winters and summers, and help protect exteriors of new vehicles.

  • Level 2 primarily focuses on machine reduction of paint defects. All focal areas (hood, roof, trunk, tops of fenders and doors) are polished to knock down about 50-60% of defects and to bring out optimal clarity and gloss.  Choose Level 2 to deeply revitalize your vehicles exterior. An interior detail can be added for an additional fee. If you are looking for our most valued service, this is the one!

  • Level 3 is the absolute pinnacle of exterior correction and protection. We rectify swirls and defects with a multi-stage machine correction and apply ceramic coating to protect your investment for up to 4 years. A 12-18 hour investment in excellence that yields unparalleled results for the most discerning of vehicle owners.

The prices below do NOT include tax and are estimates until vehicles are physically assessed to confirm scope of work. Website prices are considered most current. M&G accepts cash, credit cards, Venmo or PayPal. 

Level 1: PROTECT

Cars $250-$275 + tax

SUV/Minivans $275- $325+ tax

Pickup Trucks $300+ tax

Our most comprehensive detailing service without exterior machine polishing. 

  • Hand wash exterior with safe tolerances

  • Detail all interior plastics (dash,console,cup holders, door panels, seats, all cracks & crevices)

  • Perform extensive interior vacuum

  • Pressure wash rubber mats

  • Clean and detail jambs, fuel door, gas cap

  • Clean and detail wheel wells, wheels, tires

  • Clay bar and chemically decontaminate all surfaces

  • Apply water based, no sling tire dressing

  • Steam clean and shampoo carpets (some stains may not be removed)

  • Clean and condition leather seats (if applicable)

  • Condition interior plastic surfaces

  • All exterior plastic trim shined 

  • Apply sealant (About 3-4 months of protection)

Approx- 2.5-4 hours

Level 2: ENHANCE

Cars $550-$600+ tax

SUV/Minivans $ $600 -$650 + tax

Pickup Trucks $$600 -$650 + tax 


Protect, enhance, and elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics with a paint enhancement and application of 12 month paint sealant. This is the best bang for your buck!


  • Hand wash exterior with safe tolerances

  • Clay bar and decontaminate all surfaces 

  • 1 step machine polishing to remove light swirls and to bring out optimal clarity and gloss

  • Apply Daddy-O Paint Sealant for up to 1 year of protection with proper maintenance

  • Apply Clutch Silica Spray to wheels for added wheel protection

Add complete interior detail for $100

Upgrade to 3 year ceramic coating for $500

Approx- 4-6 hours

Level 3: CORRECT


Click to view our Ceramic section with pricing and FAQs prior to booking.

Our ultimate in correction and coating. Maximize gloss and minimize defects with a multi-stage machine paint correction, and apply a four year ceramic coating.

  • Wash, decontaminate, and clay bar all painted surfaces

  • Deep clean wheels and wheel wells

  • Clean and condition tires 

  • Condition and seal trim 

  • Perform intensive, multi-stage paint correction process to remove 90%-95% of swirls and surface defects to ensure ultimate gloss and paint clarity

  • Apply Shine Supply’s Beadlock Pro Ceramic Coating to all painted surfaces

  • Perform light interior detail 

Approx- 16-24 hours

New Vehicle Protection Detail

Priced as shown

Protect your vehicular investment from the outside in. Choose the level of protection you need.

*Your vehicle is required to be dropped off to us for this service*

Includes: ​

  • Thorough hand wash

  • Decontamination with iron remove, and clay bar if needed

  • Wheels deep cleaned and decontaminated

  • Tires cleaned and dressed

  • One-step polish to enhance optimal clarity and gloss

  • All exterior glass coated with Glassparency 

Choose your exterior sealant:



Cars $600 + tax

SUV/Minivans $650 - $700  + tax

Large SUV/Pickup Trucks $700 - $750  + tax 


Cars $700 + tax

SUV/Minivans $750 - $800  + tax

Large SUV/Pickup Trucks $800 - $850  + tax 


Cars 1200 + tax

SUV/Minivans $1300 - $1400  + tax

Large SUV/Pickup Trucks $1500  + tax 

Add interior protection for an additional $100, which includes leather conditioner, UV portectant interior trim conditioning, and Gtechniq Smart Fabric treatment for carpets.


Cars $150 + tax

SUV/Vans $150-$175+ tax

Pickup Trucks $175 + tax

Full Exterior Detail includes:

  • Perform thorough pre-rinse

  • Hand wash exterior with foam cannon

  • Clean and seal exterior glass surfaces

  • Wipe down and clean door jambs

  • Clean wheels and dress tires

  • Clean interior wheel barrels

  • Treat wheel wells

  • Clay bar and decontaminate paint

  • Apply silica spray selant (About 3-4 months of protection)


Cars $175 + tax

SUV/Vans $175-$200 + tax

Pickup Trucks $175 + tax

*This is the starting range of prices for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excessive soiling, stains or dog hair will be an additional charge.

Complete Interior Detail includes:

  • Steam clean all interior carpets and floor mats (some stains may not be removed)

  • All gauges, switches and vents meticulously cleaned

  • headliner cleaned with dry cleaning process

  • 2-step process on the door panels, dash and console which properly cleans and conditions the surface.

  • Steam clean fabric seats (if applicable)

  • Clean & condition leather seats (if applicable)


$100 and up + tax

Motorcycle Detail includes:

  • Hand wash exterior

  • Polish all chrome surfaces

  • Clean and condition all leather seating

  • Apply spray wax to all painted surfaces


Level 1 RV Detail $8-10/ft + tax


Level 2 RV Detail $15 - $18/ft + tax  

Level 3 RV Detail $22-$25/ft +tax

Level 1 RV Detail includes:

  • Rinse exterior with pressure washer

  • Hand wash exterior with foam cannon

  • Apply light exterior protection to all surfaces

  • Clean wheels and dress tires

Level 2 RV Detail adds:

  • Clean and dress wheel well liners

  • Polish all chrome surfaces

  • Apply wax to all exterior surfaces which removes light oxidation

Level 3 RV Detail Adds

  • Compound and polish gel coat to remove heavy oxidation

  • Apply Ceramic based sealant to all surfaces 


Bronze $3/ft and up + tax

Silver  $15/ft and up + tax

Gold   $24/ft and up + tax

Marine Bronze includes:

  • Perform thorough pre-rinse

  • Hand wash & dry boat and trailer

  • Clean trailer wheels and dress tires

Marine Silver adds:

  • Perform light polish to remove oxidation

  • Apply marine-grade wax

Marine Gold adds:

  • Perform light polish and compound

  • Apply marine-grade silica wax

  • Clean and wax motor

  • Vacuum interior and clean interior cubbies

  • Polish all metal and chrome surfaces


Priced as shown

  • Restore headlights with wet sanding and polishing, finish with ceramic coating: $150 per pair 

  • Shampoo carpet and interior: $70 and up

  • Mini interior detail: $85 -$100

  • Steam clean and vacuum child safety seats: $20-$30

  • Restore plastic trim surfaces: Contact us

  • Polish chrome surfaces: Contact us

  • Clay and polish away hard water spots from glass surfaces: $75 and up 

  • Debadge exterior emblems: $40 - $75

  • Remove exterior door trim: $60 - $80

  • Wash/degrease/shine engine bay: $50-$75

  • Perform minor paint correction: Contact us

  • Glassparency windshield or total car kit: Contact us 



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Matt and Greg are two brothers that share an automotive obsession.


Their personal dedication to keeping their rides in immaculate condition didn’t go unnoticed, and quickly evolved into a professional pursuit as an increasing number of friends and family requested their services. 


To better serve their growing customer base, the brothers took their show on the road with the acquisition of a mobile detailing center equipped with a water tank, pressure washer, and generator.


M&G Mobile Detailing can deliver the same attention to detail for your vehicle at a time and location that works for your schedule. Contact us to set up an appointment today!




We are happy to come to your location even if you’re not close to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For locations that require more than 45 minutes of travel each way, we assess a fee ranging from $30 to $50 to cover fuel and travel time.


Weather is a detailer’s greatest obstacle. We reserve the right to re-schedule appointments in the event of inclement weather that prevents us from completing your service in its entirety. We will contact you no later than the morning of your scheduled appointment day to reschedule, and appreciate your understanding.


We take pride in being a reliable small business, and exceptional pride in doing superior work for our customers. Your satisfaction and loyalty are the lifeblood of our business, and we’ll always deliver the promised results in a timely fashion. Often the work is done exclusively, and with this extra touch comes some responsibility on the customer to provide a minimum of 12 hours advance notice when a cancellation is unavoidable. Missed appointments are very detrimental to our business.  We understand that weather and emergencies are inevitable but we ask that you try as hard to keep all appointments with us as we do for you!


Not every vehicle is created equal, and vehicle dirt, stains, and spills are also not created equal! Vehicles that are not consistently detailed accumulate excessive dirt build-up that needs to be removed. This includes paint contaminants and brake dust on wheels, or interior debris and troublesome staining. This level of soiling requires more time and products, thus affecting the price of your service.




Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm

​​Saturday: Special Appointment Only

​Sunday: Closed





To request an estimate or schedule an appointment, please describe the condition of your vehicle to the best of your ability so we may provide an accurate estimate.


To add pictures to your request, please text or email and include your name. 

We respond to all requests within 24-48 hours. Thank you!

Thank you for submitting a contact form. Someone will be in contact with you ASAP. We respond to all requests within 24-48 hours. Thank you!