We are excited to offer the latest development in paint protection. Ceramic coatings create a hard-sacrificial barrier that shields your paint from the abuse caused by the sun and other harsh elements.


How does it work? 

The secret behind these products is actually just basic science! Ceramic coatings contain silica dioxide (SiO2) which is the same chemical compound that gives glass its strength and hardness. The integrated SiO2 technology makes these coatings far more durable and hydrophobic than any wax or sealant.

Will I still have to wash my vehicle?

Don’t listen to the internet hype around “5 year” coatings that claim you’ll never have to wash your vehicle again. With any investment, proper prep and maintenance are key to longevity. Ensuring the full potential of your coating requires thorough prep work by the detailer performing the service, and regular maintenance following the initial application. Otherwise the coating will wear away over a short period of time, and our goal is to protect your investment!

Why the initial cost if I need to maintain it?

​Since the durability of ceramic coatings is incomparable to other products, prep and application is much more intensive. The process takes between 12 to 18 hours of labor plus products and supplies. Before applying the coating, the entire vehicle must be machine corrected, polished, and free of swirls and defects. This means your coating is locking in a gorgeous, nearly flawless finish with a level of protection unmatched by any other product available today.

How do I know if ceramic is a good fit for me?

Do paint swirls drive you bonkers? Can you pick out every scratch and defect in your paint? Have you been thinking about investing in a deeper paint restoration, but concerned the results wouldn't last on your daily driver? Ceramic coating provides a truly intense restoration to a deeply damaged, dull or marred paint finish.  Keep reading to check out what's included in our Ceramic package!


Sedan/Coupe $1,800 + tax

Small SUV $1,900 + tax

Truck/Large SUV $2,000 + tax

The ultimate in vehicle protection and enhancement. We maximize gloss and depth, remove and reduce swirls and defects, and apply an industry-leading coating from Shine Supply to protect your investment for up to 4 years.


  • Wash, decontaminate, and clay bar all painted surfaces

  • Deep clean wheels and wheel wells

  • Clean and condition tires 

  • Condition and seal trim 

  • Perform intensive, multi-stage paint correction process to remove 90%-95% of swirls and surface defects to ensure ultimate gloss and paint clarity

  • Apply Shine Supply’s Beadlock Pro Ceramic Coating to all painted surfaces

  • Perform light interior detail 

Shine Supply’s Beadlock Pro typically lasts up to four years, but is dependent on your commitment to maintenance. We recommend weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wash services and performing a yearly maintenance detail to decontaminate and boost coating. If you prefer to perform your own maintenance, we will provide you with a guide for maximizing the potential of your coating.


Maximize final results with Glassparency:

  • Windshield application: $100

  • Full vehicle glass application: $250


Sedan/Coupe $175 + tax

Small SUV $200 + tax

Truck/Large SUV $200 + tax

The ultimate in annual coating maintenance:


  • Hand wash with two buckets and microfiber

  • Dry exterior with compressed air

  • Clean wheels and dress tires

  • Clean interior wheel barrels

  • Chemically decontaminate all surfaces 

  • Apply cherry silica wax followed by 1 year sealant

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